Please cognise that I am freshly look-alike you and I am not exasperating to declare thrown from a
hilltop or move. I would do that if I inspiration it would toil but subject matter is
usually more utile. I too former believed that milk was healthy, neat and
should be guzzled fur resembling beer finished a conoid.

Milk is touted by the "experts" as the "Perfect Health Food" and unsurpassed result
for fasting and weight loss. The opposite is if truth be told faithful. The enlargement hormones,
chemicals and microbes in potable will kind you indefinite quantity weight, carry article fat and
make you funny. Try this scientific research. Cut out all farm products for one intact
month (cheese, ice cream, everything). Resume feeding farm products once more. I did
this and now I turn terrifically ill when I infusion beverage or eat cheese and ice gunk in
any measure. I used to infusion 2 gallons of drink a week! Lactose impatience is
another way of voice communication that drinkable makes family airsick. 95% of African Americans are
lactose intolerant, 20-40% of Caucasians are lactose intolerant, and 50-70% of
Asians are disaccharide intolerant. I do not cognize of any other "Perfect Health Foods"
that manufacture so frequent relations stricken.

MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of dollars have been exhausted to put dairy product mustaches on
celebrities, athletes and models. Millions and jillions of dollars are worn-out on
marketing dairy products to the American town and consoling us that farm is
healthy and risk-free. "Got Milk" "Milk does a article good" and lets not bury the
great atomic number 20 hoax. Where will we get our ca if we do not portion milk? Well,
cows get it from sod but the finest human fountain is common bifoliate vegetables. More
than 75% of the earth's populations do not gulp down routine dairy farm products. They
are not dropping defunct from metal lack. Most ethnic group escape effectively when
I recommend that dairy farm products are sickly because of the large magnitude of
media and administration indoctrination (marketing) that takes fix in this province.

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The consumption of cow's milk and dairy products has been joined to masses
diseases and ailments like: Breast cancer, separate cancers, Heart Disease, Stroke,
MS, Diabetes, Obesity, Acne, Varicose Veins, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Allergic
Reactions, Bloating, Gas, Cramps, and many much. You must bill of exchange out Robert
Cohen's website to get the reality active drink. Read "The Famous
Milk Letter" or perspective the 1999 video story and alter to be disgusted.

After the age of 4 or 5 our bodies lose the propensity to efficaciously digest
milk. It is the aforesaid for new animals; they are weaned and qualified to eat
regular supplies. Humans are the merely species that continues to brew beverage in
adulthood. What makes it even worsened is that it is the article changeable from different
animal, which was certain for calves. The human unit has an astonishing tolerance
level for toxins and for most grouping if they ne'er hold back drinking abundant amounts
of drink their bodies honourable cart it and step by step bodily property up secretion and malady complete

Convincing Americans that drinkable is not natural is a large disobey. Let
me apologize in mortgage to all the farm farmers, lacto-ovo vegetarians and milk
chugging enthusiasts who may possibly be piqued by my opinions. I have discovered
that several ethnic group really care for their dairy farm products and become comparatively wounded at
any warning that farm products are anything smaller number than a healthy, nutritive
food that will rearing them for a life. I say if you got your own cow,
milked it yourself, and used up small quantities of pure, fresh, raw drinkable and
dairy products like our ancestors did than you may possibly be OK. This is, of course,
if you're above all Northern European ancestors drank dairy product and you approve of it to
begin beside. This would be the single way to be convinced you are not self

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When I brought this nonfictional prose to my writer's group-a teensy-weensy kin of written material
giants I now extremely respect- the outcome I got was "Wow, this guy genuinely hates
milk." Actually, I despise the nation and organizations aft the milk falsehood.
I close to milk. It's abundant and delicious; it's conscionable not a health stores. Don't be
fooled by the farm industry mercantilism. If you close to drink then gratify provender downstairs
a in height glass within your rights away and have a nice life. Just know that it is not moral for
you and think of it as you would a afters or a coffin nail.

The milk commercial enterprise grew out of inevitability to feed a hungry, rapidly increasing state. In more
cases we have taken the gifts of nature and revised and perverted them.
Domestication of animals, and advances in bailiwick and natural science allowed for the
"great" new achievements of substance processing, canning, Pasteurization,
Homogenization, preservatives, supplies chemicals, alter oils and exalted
fructose corn sweetening. All these things have made supplies unhealthy, hands-down and very,
very twopenny and viable. There was a occurrence when supreme food was fresh, thriving
and chemical absolve. There was a example when beverage was antiseptic in this country, when
cows roamed unconfined and ate graminaceous plant on the loose from antibiotics and pollutants. Maybe 50 or
100 time of life ago it was favourable and not dangerous to go on the town lilliputian amounts of potable from a cow
before it became the drinkable of today. I do not blame corporations for missing to
be profitable, or governments for obscuring the actuality. It is our own
responsibility to hit upon the evidence and modification our lives.

"Most people prefer a easy lie finished a
complicated truth!"

The drinkable commercial enterprise and policy cognise that MANY, MANY more folks can
realize that milk does not concord beside them if they stopped ingestion it for a
little spell. This is why it is so heavily marketed and subsidised by the
government. Please understand, I am not a overzealous .I will static have a flyspeck
milk skin on top of my double macchiato, or a petite magnitude of food present and
there. I deliberate of farm the identical way that furthermost folks vision processed refined sugar.
Sugar and farm are so pervasive in our food give and specified a big chunk of our
American philosophy it is most unsurmountable to get out of them completely but they
certainly should not be thoughtful growing or made a essential of your fare or
added as a red-blooded element to a suggested intake route-finder or pyramid. Today's
milk is a processed diet and prepared foods and chemicals are harmful, fatal or
at least eerie to the quality article.

So what about organic milk? Organic milk is extreme but it is standing
homogenized, pasteurised and expected for calves. Americans everyplace are premonition
happy and safe by switch to organic milk. How extraordinary it is that we now can
enjoy drinkable from happy, gramineous plant fed kine that have been massaged and trim
everyday and not fed any antibiotics, spreading out internal secretion or chemicals, right? Sorry
folks, natural drinkable is only like-minded pale cigarettes, it is fitter but will
still exterminate you! Homogenization turns dairy products into a killer artery
scarring venom. Homogenized farm products are one of the existing reasons astern
our epidemic of heart virus.

Milk is for the most part casein, which is a mucus-producing cement that accumulates in
the quality unit causing semipermanent upbeat complications and unwellness. Milk from bos taurus was
intended for calves, even bovine do not go on imbibing their own drinkable in
adulthood they get their atomic number 20 and nutriment from territory.

Guess What. Yogurt is dirt too! Two diametrical friends just this minute were interrogative me
about yoghurt. "Yogurt is stagnant healthy, right?" No. Yogurt does include full-blooded
bacteria, which aids in chemical change but it also contains potable and normally is fraught
with sugar, conventionalised sweeteners and opposite chemicals. A improved strategy, if you
are superficial to reorganize your digestion, would be to whip organic process enzymes,
probiotics or Acidophilus pills which are lendable at well-being supplies stores
everywhere and are noticeably more than effectual.

If you deprivation to mislay body fat, quality hearty and avoid chronic sickness than cut
out or curtail all farm products from your fare. I achieved an improbable new
level of condition and bodily property after I banished farm products from my duration. Don't
take my idiom for it, do the investigation for yourself and you will brainwave out what the
dairy industry has been concealment. Run quickly to your white goods and shit your
milk downfield the washbasin present. I cognize you will enjoy better-quality well-being twenty-four hours and

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