I deliberate German for iv old age in higher university and inactive call to mind a few crude phrases and usually use them beside my friends for fun. If you want to revise German, present are more than a few fundamental phrases to opening off next to.

guten tag (pronounced gooten targ) - hullo or smashing morning

auf wiedersehen (pronounced owf veedersane) - goodbye

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danke schon (pronounced dunka sheern) - impart you awfully much

danke (pronounced dunka) - thanks

bitte (pronounced bit-te) - please

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entshuldigen (pronounced entshooldigen) - self-justification me

haben Sie cocoa? (pronounced harben See chocolate) - do you have cocoa? (used if you're in a coffeehouse and would same many cocoa or hot drinking chocolate)

haben Sie kaffee? (pronounced harben See coffee shop) - do you have coffee? (used if you're in a restaurant and would same quite a lot of beverage)

ich liebe du (pronounced ish liebe doo) - I be mad about you

Now if you've read those phrases you mightiness be questioning why in the "haben Sie cocoa" expression "you" is "Sie" in German and yet in the "ich liebe du" saying "you" is "du". That's because the German communication has two contrary libretto for the English declaration "you". "Sie" is the full-dress way of adage "you" and you would use "Sie" if you're discussion to a foreign person or a entity in control. "Du" is the slang way of voice communication "you" and you would use it once you're talking to friends and kith and kin.

So that's why if you're in a German coffee shop and you'd similar a cup of cocoa, you would say "haben Sie cocoa?" And if you're revealing your genitor or friend/boyfriend you high regard them, you would say, "ich liebe du".

German is an pleasant native tongue to larn. Once you've down these rudimentary phrases, you're all set to cram more!

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